Rolling Mills - Automation Level 1

Consisting of PLCs, HMI operation and monitoring SCADA systems, as well as process and production control computers, with centralised or distributed topology and interconnected via field buses and local area networks (LANs). The systems mainly carry out the following functions:

  • Master control, with operation mode management and lamination speed calculation.
  • Inter-stand cascade speed control.
  • Control of minimum stress between stands.
  • Loop regulation between stands.

The sequential controlling functions of these systems include the following:

  • Reheating furnace kinematics control.
  • Control of cropping and chopping shears.
  • Control of cut length shears.
  • Guide rail simulation.
  • Emergency sequences.
  • Profile positioning in cooler.
  • Cold-cutting.
  • Evacuation and stacking.
Automation Automation